• One of a Kind Candidate: Martin Casas, Missouri House of Representatives, St. Louis, MO

    Martin CasasMissouri State House candidate Martin Casas had his car stolen for the THIRD TIME from his neighborhood in St. Louis, and he's trying to use it as a teachable–dare we say 'campaignable'?–moment.

    "This is why I'm running for office. So the people who steal our cars, break into our homes and knock out people on the street don’t have a reason to do these things. I'm running because we need to create a society where people don't have to create crime but can create opportunities instead.  I'm going to go to Jefferson City and I'm going to fight for the victims of these crimes as well as the guy who stole my car," Casas wrote on his campaign website. For everyone who's not a fifth-grader, Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri… oh for Pete's sake, Missouri is a state. In the middle there. No, that's Arkansas. The one above it.

    It's as bold a platform as we've seen this election season: the Casas Big Tent has room for victims and perps, which should cover just about everybody in America. Setting aside the fact that Mr. Casas really could have invested in The Club (it's, what, $20?), he's being impossibly cool about this whole thing. Someone steals your car for the THIRD TIME, and you open your arms to the rapscallion? Who's cool enough to do that (other than Martin Casas)?

    Wait, what's that you say? The stolen car was Mr. Casas'  "Movie Mobile," which he used to show movies outdoors, which is pretty much the coolest thing a human can do? This guy! Next you're going to tell me that he's got a sweet beard and an attractive wife — oh, sure, of course he does.

    And now, here's a completely out-of-context but actual quote from Casas in an e-mail he wrote to St. Louis' alternative newsweekly The Riverfront Times: "FUCK ENTHUSIASTS CAN REJOICE!"

    Hey Martin (can I call you Martin?) — you wanna, like, be friends?

    Photo via Martin Casas for St. Louis Facebook page

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