• Mitt Romney Heckled in New York City

    Mitt Romney may not be a comedian, at least not intentionally, but at a campaign event with Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday, Romney had the quintessential experience of a New York comic: He dealt with a heckler

    "Mitt Romney is a racist!" [a woman] repeatedly screamed, drowning out Romney's comments and those made by Giuliani as well. "Racist! Racist!"

    Her screams appeared to have prompted Romney aides to cut the presumptive Republican nominee's talk short. While Romney did not acknowledge the protester, the candidate walked away from the microphone after just five minutes and moved toward his waiting SUV.

    When Giuliani did not follow, Romney awkwardly returned to the microphone to thank the former mayor for joining him at the event. As the protester continued to assail Romney — bellowing expletives at the GOP candidate, including "F*** you, Mitt Romney!" — he exited the scene again, this time for good.

    On the plus side, a woman screaming "F*** you, Mitt Romney" is the first time anyone has ever expressed a strong emotion one way or the other about him.

    Yesterday we learned that there's a "wild and crazy man inside Mitt." Perhaps he could have responded less awkwardly if he had gotten in touch with his inner "wild and crazy" woman.

    In the screaming lady's defense, she probably just thought she was at a terrible comedy show. After all, most of Mitt Romney's attempts at appealing to ordinary Americans seem like a bad joke.


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    Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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