• Newt Gingrich Officially Suspends 2012 Presidential Campaign

    Okay, we all knew this was coming. It's no real surprise. But, even so, the idea of Newt Gingrich actually saying the words and endorsing Mitt Romney with his own mouth just seemed too impossible to imagine.

    And, actually, I think Newt Gingrich felt the same way…

    "As to the presidency, I am asked sometimes "Is Mitt Romney conservative enough?" My answer is simple:  Compared to Barack Obama? This is not a choice between Mitt Romney and Ronald Reagan. This is a choice between Mitt Romney and the most radical, leftist president in American history."

    That may not seem like much of an endorsement, but it's actually the nicest thing that he has ever said about anybody not named Newt Gingrich. (I know; I just checked through everything he ever said.)

    He took the rest of the time that the media would allow him — which wasn't really all that much; CNN cut away from him as soon as everybody got the gist — to talk. And talk. About what? I don't know — stuff, I guess. Man, lots of stuff, though. Pontificate-y kind of stuff mostly.

    Like, there was one point where he said, "We can't truly be Americans if we have amnesia." And then a little while later — with a completely straight face — he started railing against the dysfunction of Congress, saying it "has decayed dramatically over the last twenty years," having apparently forgotten that he was literally at the meeting three years ago when this congressional plan was hatched

    "You will remember this day," Draper reports Newt Gingrich as saying on the way out. "You’ll remember this as the day the seeds of 2012 were sown."

    So, is he calling himself a non-true American? Or did he forget what he had said about amnesiacs three minutes earlier?

    I never know if I'm thinking too much or too little about the things that come out of his mouth.


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