• Texas Republican Will Not Pee on an Electric Fence [VIDEO]

    Since Newt Gingrich's imminent departure from the Republican primary field will leave us bereft of his personal natural gas reserves and Barack Obama's fascist environmental regulators are unlikely to approve the permits necessary to exploit the oil field in Mitt Romney's hair, the task of providing us with precious hydrocarbons will likely fall to state and local politicians.

    Politicians like Roland Sledge, a conservative Republican running for Texas Railroad Commissioner, a position tasked with not really regulating the state's oil and gas industry. Sledge's myriad qualifications include thirty five years of service in the industry he will regulate cater to and a last name that lends itself to "Sledgehammer" imagery. There's one thing Sledge won't do, according to a new web video — pee on an electric fence…

    The ad raises a couple questions. First, who does political video auteur Roland Sledge think he is, Herman Cain?  More seriously, why does Texas need to elect a Railroad Commissioner, along with a Commissioner of the General Land Office (don't ask), and a Commissioner of Agriculture?

    The unfortunate reality is that creating more elective offices, instead of placing executive authority in the hands of a high profile elected official like the governor, undermines democratic accountability. Voters don't have the wherewithal to learn about the candidates running for General Land Office Commissioner or monitor the performance of their Agriculture Commissioner, so these posts become subject to the control of special interest groups who they're supposed to regulate. If Texas voters had a dollar for every time they were asked to vote for a candidate they can't possibly know anything about, they'd almost have enough oil & gas industry money to run for Texas Railroad Commissioner.

    (Video h/t Buzzfeed)

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