• Happy Obama's Imaginary Ladies Day!

    First we find out that Obama's girlfriend in Dreams of My Father is a composite of several women he dated, now the President has invented a woman named "Julia" to represent how his policies would affect the average American woman during her lifetime. Ladies, this is the left's "war on women" that the right has been backlashing us about!

    If Obama has his way, every woman you know and love will turn into another woman. Remember that lady named Mom? Her new name is Jenna and she just joined the Peace Corps in Sri Lanka. Remember your wife? She just changed her name to Larry and is working as a property manager in Cincinnati, Ohio. Who says? President Obama's imagination!

    And this "Julia" is a piece of work, milking the system throughout her entire life like a lazy, subsidized dairy farmer. From the moment she's born, Julia leaches onto government programs like Head Start and Her Parent's Health Insurance. After going to college on a federal loan, she gets a job as a web designer, has a child, starts her own business at age 42 and then goes on Social Security at age 67, probably still paying off that college loan.

    What happens to Julia between the ages of 42 and 67? Who cares? That time in a woman's life is a dead zone of menopausal aging and reading Eat Pray Love. Or that's what liberals would have you believe, and that's not the only problem with this new campaign strategy

    "Julia" could backfire on Mr. Obama if voters get the impression that the president has to invent characters who are benefiting from his policies because he can’t find real people to portray the situation.

    A spokeswoman for Mr. Romney assailed the "Julia" graphic as evidence that Mr. Obama’s policies had failed women.

    "Each night, too many women go to sleep wondering if they can pay the mortgage, if they can afford to put food on the table, and if their children will have a job after graduating from college," said Amanda Henneberg, a spokeswoman for Mr. Romney. "They deserve a president who will focus on getting America back on track."

    As always, the Romney camp gets it. Women aren't going to college and starting their own businesses. They're in the kitchen worrying about dinner and hoping their kids get a job good enough to support them if anything ever happens because they've never had to take care of themselves before.

    It's time to get America back on track. You know, the one that only goes in reverse.

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