• If You Want to Bring a Gun to the RNC, It Better Be Real

    Good news, true-blooded patriotic American citizens, by whom I mean staunch Republicans. Lest you had any mislaid fears, concealed firearms (unless conservative homosexuals), will in fact be welcomed with open arms in downtown Tampa during this years Republican National Convention

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott has rejected a request from the Tampa mayor to prohibit the carrying of guns in downtown during the Republican National Convention this summer because it would infringe upon "sacred constitutional traditions," according to a letter released Wednesday…

    "It is at just such times that the constitutional right to self-defense is most precious and must be protected from government overreach," Scott wrote. "I am confident the many federal, state and local law enforcement agencies focused on the RNC will fully protect Floridians and visitors, without the need to resort to sweeping infringements on our most sacred constitutional traditions."

    I actually completely agree with Gov. Scott. I don't plan to carry a gun around with me when I'm in Tampa — mostly because it's not an Old West cattle-rustlin' town — but I don't see why my right to do so should be revoked simply because there's a political convention. That doesn't really make any sense. Plus, I don't think that guns, in the hands of licensed owners who have been properly vetted and trained, are all that big a threat.

    Things that look like guns but are not actually guns, on the other hand

    In the politically-charged and likely protest-filled streets of Tampa, Fla., during the Republican National Convention in August, water guns will be strictly prohibited.

    You can make a person wet with one of those things. Completely ruin a nice $500 fringed-suede coat. I don't like it! Too risky!

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