• Mitt Romney Mocks Obama's New Slogan, "Forward… Over the Cliff"

    A few days ago Obama introduced his new campaign slogan, "Forward," and  Republicans — desperate for a legitimate Obama gaffe — have taken that single seemingly-harmless word and turned it into a punchline

    Mitt Romney piled on the recent mockery of the Obama campaign's new slogan, "Forward," at a fundraiser this evening

    "Forward is his new slogan," he said, according to a pool report from the event. "Forward what? Over the cliff!" he said, to laughter.

    As far as Dad jokes go, it's not a bad first degree burn from Mitt "Room Temperature" Romney. His joke-writer — whom I like to call Conservative Bruce Vilanch — should be ashamed of his laziness though. You could tack on a few words to any famous presidential slogan and make it seem terrible…

    * Don't Swap Horses in Midstream… Down a Waterfall

    * Tippecanoe and Tyler Too…  Kidnapped the Lindbergh Baby

    * Putting People First… On the List of Things I Want to Eat

    * Nixon's the One… Who Had Sex with Your Mom

    * I Like Ike… But I Love Terrorism

    * All the Way with LBJ… Is the Pick-Up Line He Used on His First Cousin

    * Morning Again in America… Time to Masturbate

    That last one just sounds like a direct quote from a Ron Paul supporter.


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