• Things Michele Bachmann Has Said About Mitt Romney

    Michele Bachmann suspends her campaignToday, Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann, being the good team player that she is, lent her endorsement to GOP candidate Mitt Romney, saying

    "I am honored to be able to be here… to lend my voice and my endorsement to Mitt Romney as our president to take the county back."

    Aw, that's sweet. It's nice to see — now that she's no longer competing with him — that she's so willing to play nice.

    While we're on the topic, here's some other things she's said about Mitt Romney…

    * "[H]e cannot beat Obama because his policy is the basis for Obamacare… It's too identical. It’s not going to happen."

    * "The reason President Obama and some Republicans can get behind socialized medicine is because they share the same core political philosophy about the purpose of government… We cannot preserve liberty for ourselves and our posterity if the choice in next November is between a frugal socialist and an out-of-control socialist."

    * "If you want to talk about a poster child for crony capitalism it would be Newt Gingrich as the ultimate consummate influence peddler. But also Mitt Romney is also cut out of the same cloth in that he has been a consummate Washington, D.C. insider."

    * "There's a woman who came up crying to me tonight after the debate. She said her daughter shook hands with Mitt Romney. She told me her daughter suffered mental retardation as a result of meeting Mitt Romney."

    You know, I'm not a hundred percent sure about that last one. That quote seems off somehow.

    Is it possible she was actually talking about Rick Santorum?

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