• Employment Numbers Spell Trouble for Life of Julia

    barack obamaGiven how the Republican Party treats real women, the Obama campaign probably thought it was safer to create a fictional character in order to illustrate the effects of his policies, but that did little to prevent a wave of conservative trolling. And it's not going to get better anytime soon, since the latest employment numbers from the Labor Department foretell a tough job market for women inside and out of Barack Obama's imagination ..

    Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 115,000 in April, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 8.1 percent. The April job gain followed an increase of 154,000 in March…

    The labor force participation rate — the share of the population that was working or looking for work — declined to 63.6 percent in April. The employment-population ratio, at 58.4 percent, changed little.

    It's a far cry from the 300,000 or so jobs the United States needs to be gaining in order to rapidly achieve full employment. As for the breakdown by sector, private payrolls increased by 130,000, while the federal government eliminated 4,000 positions and local governments rid themselves of approximately 10,000 teachers.

    Of course, conservative critics of the Obama administration aren't calling for increased public employment, nor for more expansionary policy from the Federal Reserve. A few just want Obama's composite "Julia" to close her legs and find herself a husband to support her. Instead of providing job training and economic data, maybe a future conservative-controlled Labor Department could concentrate and making sure women were married and constantly in labor…

    "That's their dream for women?" asked Wendy Wright, a social conservative leader and acting director of the conservative Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute. "That she be alone, without family, struggling as a single parent, dependent on a government that is going broke?"

    "This is not the American dream," Wright told The Daily Caller. "It's creepy…It's what China promises its people."

    Those blasted parents without families! If only such a thing was logically possible, they'd ruin everything.

    As for the suggestion that "Julia" is a government-dependent slut, the accusation would be a lot less hypocritical if social conservatives hadn't spent the last few months trying to be intimately involved with 156 million vaginas.

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