• If You Believe in Global Warming, You Might Be a Serial Killer

    Never before have logic and clear-minded thinking ever been used to so adroitly prove a point as they have today.

    The Heartland Institute have just started a billboard campaign in Chicago that very not-ridiculously draw a direct line between believing in empirical evidence for anthropomorphic climate change and being a mass murdering psychopath

    The billboard series features Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber; Charles Manson, a mass murderer; and Fidel Castro, a tyrant. Other global warming alarmists who may appear on future billboards include Osama bin Laden and James J. Lee (who took hostages inside the headquarters of the Discovery Channel in 2010)…

    [W]hat these murderers and madmen have said differs very little from what spokespersons for the United Nations, journalists for the "mainstream" media, and liberal politicians say about global warming… The point is that believing in global warming is not "mainstream," smart, or sophisticated. In fact, it is just the opposite of those things. Still believing in man-made global warming — after all the scientific discoveries and revelations that point against this theory — is more than a little nutty. In fact, some really crazy people use it to justify immoral and frightening behavior.

    Oh no! But I believe in man-made climate change. Or — more to the point — I believe in science, and all the science points toward man-made climate change. Does that mean that I'm a genocidal serial killer? I mean, I can't remember where I was last Wednesday night. What if I was out murdering thousands of members of a minority group?!

    Of course, not all global warming alarmists are murderers or tyrants.

    Oh, thank God! Then there's still a chance for me. Quick, somebody tell me how to block dangerously rational thoughts from taking root in my head before it's too late!

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