• Romney and Bloomberg Probably Plotting to Take Over the World

    When Mitt Romney met with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday, reporters speculated about what the pair might have discussed. Endorsements? Cabinet positions? Vacation homes?

    But not even the intrepid journalists at the New York Times could penetrate their cone of silence

    The candidate was pleasant. He acknowledged that New York was amazing. And, if he walked down the street, the mayor would greet him, and by his first name, no less.

    That’s about all Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg would give up Friday morning, as he talked on his weekly radio show about his half-hour breakfast summit Tuesday with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney…

    He offered no details on whether he would support Mr. Romney over President Obama, who has also been seeking the coveted prize of the mayor’s endorsement.

    With no reliable intel to go on, we'll just go ahead and assume that Romney and Bloomberg were plotting to take over the world. I mean, why else would two of the most powerful and wealthy men in the country meet in a secluded location and not reveal what they talked about?

    Sure, they could have been discussing whether Bloomberg will officially endorse Romney, or who sells the best $200 socks, but it was probably world domination. No big deal.

    While Romney was in the Big Apple, I hope he took time off to get a famous New York City hot dog. Those dogs are a lot easier to tie to a car roof. And they make much less of a mess.

    Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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