• Barack Obama Looks Forward to Undefined Point in Future

    The problem with Barack Obama's re-election campaign is that four years ago, America went to the voting booths looking for Hope and Change, and then what we got was Meh and Pretty Much the Same. Which, to be fair, is probably better than Uh Oh and Yikes. But, even so, Meh doesn't look as good as Hope on a bumper sticker. What to do?

    Probably something like this

    There were two things that stood out to us that the president tried to do in his stump speech during his official campaign kickoff events in Ohio and Virginia: (1) His attempt to answer – or re-frame — the question, "Are you better off than four years ago?" The Obama campaign knows that is a powerful question and a powerful argument against their campaign with a sluggish economy and they tried to pre-but it by asking, instead, "Will we BE better off" years down the road?

    Oh, that is a powerful message. Will we one day, at some point, maybe be better off in a roundabout way than we were four-ish years ago?

    Uh, what's the other prong of this two-pronged attack?

    …and (2) He tried to paint Romney as an empty vessel, an unknown, just an investor, who will acquiesce and go along with whatever congressional Republicans will want to do.

    Interesting. Isn't that pretty much the exact same thing that conservatives are saying about Romney?

    I suppose it's all in how you view the value of an "empty vessel." If I'm not mistaken, we've had some pretty popular empty vessel presidents over the years.

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