• Newt Gingrich Has Liberal Ideas About the Word "Endorsement"

    newt gingrich hands upLast week, after having successfully talked people into pointing TV cameras yet again, Newt Gingrich talked and talked and talked, at some point making time to briefly announce his departure from the Republican primaries throw in a quick endorsement for Mitt Romney. And I use the word "endorsement" in the loosest sense of the word

    "As to the presidency, I am asked sometimes: 'Is Mitt Romney conservative enough?' My answer is simple:  Compared to Barack Obama?"

    A very stirring statement of approbation, indeed.

    Since then, the big question in political punditry circles — which, by the way, are the very saddest circles — has been, so, when is Newt going to endorse Mitt for real? The answer, apparently, is What are you talking about?

    Gingrich said it is "strange" that people think he has not yet endorsed the presumptive Republican nominee.

    "I'm going to campaign for him… I'll do everything I can to help elect Romney," Gingrich said. "I'm not sure what 'endorsement' means beyond that." After Schieffer pressed him, Gingrich said, "As far as I'm concerned, I have endorsed him."

    So, we are led to wonder: Is Newt Gingrich's definition of "endorsement" conservative enough? I think our answer is simple: Compared to any other declarative statement that comes out of his mouth?

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