• Marriage Equality Supporters Avenge Obama's Waffling

    Last month, President Obama decided against an executive order outlawing same-sex discrimination. This week, his administration chided Joe "Diarrhea of the Mouth" Biden for being vaguely supportive of gay marriage. Some supporters say the President is just trying to make sure he's elected to a second term, when he can then afford to push through all of those pesky issues with approval ratings at around 50%.

    But supporters of marriage equality don't want to be hidden behind a beard until Election Day, and to prove it, they're hitting Obama right in the moneyballs

    Jonathan Lewis, the gay philanthropist and leading Democratic fundraiser, is one of many gay advocates who has been working behind the scenes to pressure Obama to change his mind. When Obama decided against the executive order last month, arguing that he would pursue a legislative solution instead, advocates were furious — such a solution will never pass Congress, the executive order has been a priority for advocates for years, and the move smacked of a political cave to conservatives who will not support Obama no matter what he does.

    Now these and other donors are beginning to withold money from Priorities USA, the main pro-Obama super PAC, out of dismay over the president’s decision. (Some of these donors have already maxed out to the Obama campaign, I’m told.) It’s the first indication that areas in which Obama is at odds with gay advocates — and in fairness, his record on gay rights has been very good — could dampen overall fundraising.

    Smooth move, President Obama. You don't want to make this group angry. You wouldn't like them when they're angry. They're very strong and their money is very green.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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