• Mitt Romney Holding Clandestine Rendezvous with Mysterious Voters

    Mitt RomneyIn an exceptionally normal way that things are normally done in normal politics, Mitt Romney informed members of the press that he has, over the course of the past few months of his campaign, been meeting in secret with unnamed voters to feel their pain

    Mitt Romney says he's been secretly meeting with voters to hear about their economic suffering. In an interview last week, Romney said he met with "three or four families almost every day," according to the AP.

    The revelation shocked "nearly everyone who has covered him," writes John Dickerson of Slate. Because, really, how does Romney squeeze it in?

    Oh. Interesting. So, who are these people?

    Wouldn't you like to know?

    Romney said the talks are "off the record," and that he agrees to keep private the names of the people he meets with.

    You know, I probably should reveal this to you, but I actually know one of the people that Mitt Romney has met with. She was girlfriend back in high school. But none of my friends knew her because she went to a different high school. A couple towns over. But she was really really hot. And she liked to do sex, like, a whole lot! Like, maybe forty times a day. I wanted to do more, but she'd get tired.

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