• North Carolina Voters Are Getting Ready to Ban Gay Marriage

    Wow! People sure do turn out in droves when given the opportunity to beat up on an already put-upon minority group

    The latest polling [55 to 39 percent] in North Carolina suggests the state’s voters will choose to ban same-sex unions via referendum today, even as popular opinion nationwide trends in support of gay marriage.

    North Carolina already bans gay marriage by statute. Amendment One goes beyond confining marriage to heterosexual couples; it amends the constitution to also ban civil unions and domestic partnerships…

    The issue is clearly driving considerable enthusiasm — and turnout. Nearly half a million people voted early in North Carolina — more than did in the 2008 presidential election.

    There's a real lesson to be learned here. If liberals could only somehow manage to convince Americans that the One Percent were mostly gay dudes or hispanics or something, I imagine there'd be a huge upsurge of populist support for economic reform.

    Tags: Homophobia, LGBT, Marriage Equality, North Carolina


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