• Quote Unquote: Fierce and Drawn-Out Apathy

    Matt Taibbi on what he calls "the most boring election ever"…


    "The people who work for the wire services and the news networks are physically incapable of writing sentences like, 'This election is even more over than the Knicks-Heat series.' They are required, if not by law then by neurological reflex, to describe every presidential campaign as 'fierce' and 'drawn-out' and 'hotly-contested.'"

    You know, people tell me this all the time. But still, when I close my eyes, I see Emperor Romney, smiling down at his subjects from his throne atop the Washington Monument, dragon fire gleaming off his gold-gilded breastplate.

    Though, I have been reading a lot of Game of Thrones stuff recently. Might be that's not Mitt Romney I'm seeing, butĀ Aegon the Conqueror. They have similar cheekbones.

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