• Thanks to Senate GOP, You'll Be in Debt Forever

    In the last few years, the GOP has emerged as the party of extreme budget hawks. Republicans like Paul Ryan have repeatedly hammered the President on spending and opposed increases to the debt ceiling.

    They really, really care about debt. Just not yours

    Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked consideration of a Democratic bill to prevent the doubling of some student loan interest rates, leaving the legislation in limbo less than two months before rates on subsidized federal loans are set to shoot upward.

    Along party lines, the Senate voted 52 to 45, failing to clear the 60-vote hurdle needed to beat back a filibuster and begin debating the measure…

    Republicans said they wanted to extend Democratic legislation passed in 2007 that temporarily reduced interest rates…But they oppose the Senate Democrats’ proposal to pay for a one-year extension by changing tax law that currently allows some wealthy taxpayers to avoid paying Social Security and Medicare.

    Republicans believe in the American dream, where everyone should have the opportunity to get an education. That is, everyone whose family can afford to pay for their education and who, consequently, doesn't actually need that education to advance in society. Sure, a college education is part of the American dream. But so is discriminating against the poor once you've already made your money.

    In fairness, the GOP did put forth their own version of the bill, in which interest rates were stabilized in exchange  for cuts to health care. Under the Republican plan, by age 40, students will be done paying off their loans. And probably dead.

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