• Fox News Host Praises President Obama for Gay Marriage Stance

    This is truly a historic day. Not only did the President of the United States come out in support of gay marriage, but a Fox News anchor actually praised him for it.

    No, hell has not frozen over. And no, Rush Limbaughs aren't flying. But Shepard Smith did say a few kind words about the President's newly "evolved" position on gay marriage

    Fox News' Shepard Smith reacted to President Obama's announcing his support for gay marriage by saying that the president "is now in the 21st century." Well, he also went a step further, critiquing Republicans for being on the "wrong side of history"…

    Smith then pointed out that the president's announcement doesn't change things legally. The matter is still up to states, he said, possibly alluding to the 1960s civil rights era:

    "Of course, in reality, what really matters is what governors are saying. This makes no legal changes of any kind. This is a states issue, at least for now — which may sound familiar to a couple of generations ago, but that's where we are."

    Upon finishing up the segment, Roger Ailes threw a bag over Smith's head and dragged him down to the Fox News basement for reprogramming. Just kidding. Although speaking up for marriage equality isn't anything new for Smith, this latest outburst of honesty probably doesn't bode well for his future at the network. And it certainly hasn't helped the quiet rumors that he's gay.

    At Fox News, supporting same-sex marriage is like having a conscience — it really sets you apart from everyone else. According to most Fox News personalities, the only thing that should be all male is the government.

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