• Conservatives Find Another Tax They Can Love

    It was only a year ago Republicans discovered a tax they could get behind: the payroll tax, which falls primarily on lower- and middle- income Americans. Now, miracle of miracles, members of the Kansas House of Representatives have found another levy that doesn't offend Tea Party Jesus.

    Taking their cue from President Calvin Coolidge who famously didn't say, "The business of America is lady business," the Kansas House adopted by a vote of 88 to 31, a series of sweeping anti-abortion rights measures, including…

    * Levying a 6.3% sales tax on abortion procedures and any drugs used in abortions.

    * Banning employers from deducting any funds they contribute to a health plan for supplemental insurance coverage of an abortion.

    * Prohibiting patients from deducting money spent on an abortion or for supplemental health insurance to cover the procedure.

    *  Shielding physicians from lawsuits if they withhold critical health information from pregnant women that could cause them to decide to have an abortion.

    * Requiring doctors to  inform patients of the "link" between abortion and breast cancer.

    For now, the bill has stalled in the State Senate after concerns that several of the measure's provisions would jeopardize the accreditation he Kansas University Medical Center, which is the only provider of OB-GYN training in the state. Still, pro-life senators are eager to pull the bill out of committee before the end of the legislative term.

    It's odd: For people so concerned with promiscuity, they'll do anything — even raise taxes — to get inside some more vaginas.

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