• Mitt Romney Emits Tear-Like Substance from His Eyes

    Mitt Romney traveled to North Carolina today to speak to supporters in Charlotte, and not, strangely, to tackle a gay couple trying to get married.

    But something unusual did happen. Romney's eyes appeared to well with what scientists might call "tears" while talking about how a local community helped his niece

    There are scenes that come to my mind when I think of America and there are scenes of people coming together. Sometimes when there's a crisis; sometimes when there’s just someone in trouble.

    My niece– my niece and her husband, he's a lawyer, they bought a starter home. Young married couple. Their first daughter is completely deaf, stone deaf. And at about age one or one in a half they installed one of these cochlear implants invented in this country to help her hear a little bit. And then she goes to get special classes to help her learn how to speak…but just as this was happening in their lives…her husband was called up by the national guard to go off to Iraq and serve he did…

    One morning, she comes outside and there are her neighbors all picking up the rocks out of her yard, raking the dirt. They put in a sprinkler system. They laid down sod. They even build a swing set for her daughter. This is the America that I love.

    Apart from calling his little niece "stone deaf,"  it's kind of a heartwarming anecdote. No wonder he started to get a little teary. Hopefully, the moisture didn't smudge any of that bronzer on his face.

    Of course, it seems unlikely that Romney would ever admit to getting over-emotional. He'd have to cut off his own hair. He probably just said he had some leftover droplets on his face from waterskiing all day.

    Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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