• Homophobia Not Quite as Popular in America These Days

    One of America's most cherished traditions is real danger of being washed away with the coming generation, if this new Gallup poll is to be believed.

    It's hard to believe that our children may be forced to grow up in a society in which it is not culturally-acceptable to mock and subjugate gay people for being gay

    The slight majority of American adults, 54%, consider gay or lesbian relations morally acceptable. Public acceptance of gay/lesbian relations as morally acceptable grew slowly but steadily from 38% in 2002 to 56% in 2011 and is now holding at the majority level…

    Gallup's longer-term question measuring U.S. attitudes about gays asks whether gay or lesbian relations should or should not be legal. The 63% now saying gay relations should be legal nearly matches the record-high 64% of a year ago, which came after a long-term increase in support for legality from 32% in 1986.

    This is really great news for Republicans!

    Oh, no, I don't mean the Republican Party. This probably doesn't bode well for that entity in its current incarnation. What I'm talking about is the the roughly two-fifths of all individual Republican legislators who won't face nearly as much of a backlash now when they get themselves Larry Craiged.

    Congratulations, guys!

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