• The Chris Christie and Cory Booker Show [VIDEO]

    Newark Mayor Cory Booker's penchant for hands-on and very media-centric governance is bound to get on any political rival's nerves. What kind of Newark resident breaks into a woman's home to save her from enveloping flames?

    It's enough to drive the (Olive) Garden State's other press obsessed elected official, Governor Chris Christie to produce a pretty amusing three-minute video, which was screened last night at the New Jersey Press Association Legislative Correspondents Club Show…

    Kudos to the governor's communications team for the scene in which a baby is dropped from the state capitol balcony only to fall into the waiting arms of Booker, who Tebows the child once it's safely in hand. And credit Christie for his very Newman-esque, "Booker!" response to the mayor's heroics.

    Still, there were some obvious plot holes. For one thing, Booker would not so much as look at a baby without Tweeting about it. Another episode has the governor's SUV blowing a tire on the highway, only to be repaired by the ubiquitous Booker. That's questionable. If New Jersey's public employee unions are to be believed, Christie only travels on Hypocrisy One, the state helicopter powered entirely by the tears of laid off government workers.

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