• America Finally Kind of Likes Mitt Romney

    It cost about $100 million and several years of near-constant campaigning, but it would appear that it was all worthwhile. According to a new poll, America finally thinks that Mitt Romney is an okay-enough guy

    Fifty percent of Americans now have a favorable opinion of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, up from 39% in February and his highest by 10 percentage points. His current 41% unfavorable rating, though, leaves him with a net score of +9, after being at -8 in February. In roughly half of the 28 measurements Gallup has taken of Romney since 2006, more Americans have viewed him negatively than positively…

    Although Romney's favorable rating is improved, it ranks among the lowest for recent nominees in the first Gallup poll conducted after they wrapped up the presidential nomination. Gallup has tracked favorable ratings of presidential candidates using the current question format since 1992. Only Bill Clinton, at 38% in March 1992, had a lower favorable rating than Romney currently does, partly because Clinton was still unfamiliar to a substantial minority of Americans (23%) after wrapping up the 1992 Democratic nomination. Clinton's rating improved in the months that followed as he became better known, reaching 50% in May.

    I'm sure that Romney's favorability ratings will only go up higher and higher as people learn more and more about their prospective president's personality and backstory.

    Just so long as they don't do any reading on their own.

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