• Liberal Hashtag Games Are Also Ruining Twitter

    Yesterday I wrote a blog post called Conservative Hashtags are Ruining Twitter. It went viral and the hashtags #GonzaloCordovaJokes and #FunnierThanCordova blew up. The best part about hordes of people you'll never meet hating you is knowing what being Kanye West must feel like.

    I was asked why I didn't have a post about how much I hate liberal hashtags. It's because liberals don't have their act together when it comes to these hashtag games. Conservatives really have it down. The hashtags are still painfully unfunny but they spread like wildfire.

    Before we continue hating me, I just wanted to clear one thing up: liberals also suck at Twitter.

    Here are some of the worst offenders from the left wing…


    What kind of a boat name has a parenthesis next to it?


    That pun doesn't make sense. Mitt Romney doesn't fire people because they tell secrets. He fires people because it's the only thing that makes him feel alive.


    I had to include two from Bill Burton because his are particularly groan-inducing. Swiss Mitt sounds like the name of a rejected Captain America villain.


    I'm pretty sure that nobody's trying to kick poor people out of the country. If anything, we're working to make more of them.

    There have to be more out there, so drop links to best/worst terrible liberal Twitter jokes in the comments.

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