• Blogger Exposes Barack Obama's Vast Football Throwing Conspiracy

    A typical response to the above photograph, an official snapshot captured by White House photographer Pete Souza at Soldier Field following a NATO meeting in Chicago, might be to say, "nice form" or "not bad for a lefty" or "get back to work," if one is being uncharitable. This is because the typical sane person fails to grasp the deviousness of Kenyan Islamic socialism.

    According to one source, with the coming of Obamacare, the only things that will be doctored are official White House photographs

    I'm not one for conspiracy theories. I prefer to base my opinions on demonstration fact that I can point to. However, after looking at an extremely odd photo of President Obama "throwing" a football, I have my doubts that this photo is real.

    That's a writer at the conservative group blog Pundit Press, inaugurating "I'm not one for conspiracy theories…however" as the new "I'm not racist…but." Do go on…

    Note the pixelation that occurs around the entirety of the President's head. Such deterioration does not exist anywhere else (at least so obviously) in the photo. Also note Mr. Obama's oddly large eyes.  Additionally, President Obama is inexplicably looking upward, unless his target is sitting somewhere in the cheap seats 100 yards away.

    Also, would a closet Muslim be holding a pigskin, even if a football is technically made of leather? Not without the help of Photoshop, he wouldn't.

    So like a latter day Woodward and Bernstein, Pundit Press followed the pixels. Unfortunately, the pixels led to a higher quality version of the image, which convinced even our intrepid detective that "the photo was probably not doctored." It was just Muslim'd.

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