• Gay X-Men to Tarnish the Sanctity of Fictional Marriage

    I'm not the first person to point out that superheroes are kind of gay. They wear flamboyant, skintight costumes, lead double-lives, partner up with boy sidekicks and they're often misunderstood and unaccepted by mainstream society.

    So, a gay wedding is basically the least homoerotic thing to ever happen in X-Men comics…

    In Astonishing X-Men issue 50, out Wednesday, the openly gay mutant hero Northstar proposes to his longtime boyfriend, Kyle, with a same-sex wedding featuring a super guest list to follow next month — as well as sure controversy in some quarters.

    This comes just as DC Comics announces it will be turning one of its major characters gay (proving homosexuality is a choice, made by media-savvy comic book editors). I'm sure Marvel hopes the resulting controversy will fuel sales, much as it did for the gay wedding issue of Archie Comics.

    The real question is, will pundits take the bait? Will One Million Moms (a few hundred thousand moms short of a million) boycott a comic purchased exclusively by men in their twenties and thirties? Will comic book nerds be turned gay by the surge of gay-themed comics, resulting in thousands of nerds unable to have sex with men instead of women?

    Find out in the thrilling conclusion! Same bat-time, same bat-channel (Fox News).

    Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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