• Obama's Intelligence Doesn't Have a Birth Certificate

    The far right will never be convinced that President Obama is anything other than a Pinocchio brought to life by liberal Geppettos. They simply refuse to believe anything about him is real. Birthers and other groups have cast doubt on his birth certificate, memoir, and even a photograph that shows him throwing a football. Now, even the elitist intelligence Obama uses to make big words with his Harvard-educated mouth hole is under attack

    President Barack Obama is hailed by his supporters and the mainstream media as one of the most brilliant men ever to hold the office. However, his refusal to release his academic records, his admitted deficiencies as a student, and his frequent factual errors — even in his chosen field of constitutional law–have cast doubt upon his supposed genius. Now, Breitbart News has established that Obama's grades and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores may have been even lower than those of his supposedly less capable predecessor, George W. Bush.

    That's quite a claim, considering Obama has never released his academic records. As it turns out, it takes a lot of fairy tale magic to arrive at that conclusion…

    If Obama’s SAT scores were near the average of the transfer students entering Columbia in the fall of 1981, he would have scored significantly lower than George W. Bush, whose combined math and verbal scores were 1206 out of a possible 1600 points (as revealed by the New Yorker in 1999).

    Based on these sound leaps in logic, Breitbart.com has "established" that Bush scored higher on the SAT than Obama. Now we'll have to reconsider everything. Maybe all the "dumb" things George Bush said were actually smart.

    In fact, this changes the very definition of the word "smart."  From now on, dumb means smart and smart means dumb. Got it? With that in mind, the perfect name for these intelligence birthers is "Smarters."

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