• Donald Trump Wants to Be Wanted for the RNC

    Donald TrumpUh oh! Looks like somebody told Donald Trump that there's gonna be a shit-ton of cameras at the Republican National Convention

    A close adviser to Trump suggested to The Daily Caller that the New York real estate mogul would welcome the opportunity to give a prime-time speech.

    "Mr. Trump's massive popularity is just one of the many reasons he is being sought as a keynote speaker at the Tampa RNC Convention," Michael Cohen, special counsel to Trump, told The Daily Caller.

    Yes. His "massive popularity" is just one of the many reasons that the Republican Party is falling over itself to see if they can somehow get Trump to agree to talk for just a few minutes. Some of the other reasons? Well, geez. You're putting me on the spot here. Let's see… He might have Debbie Gibson's personal email address?

    Anyway, those many reasons aren't important. What's important is that the Republican Party is overcome with Trump Fever, and is fired up at the very thought of luring such a huge star to its convention. Just listen to this statement…

    A spokesman for the convention said it’s too soon to know who will be speaking.

    Whoa, whoa, calm down there, fella. You gotta play your cards a little closer to the vest than that if you wanna land a whale like Trump.

    Either that, or you have to not instruct security to stop him at the door.

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