• Los Angeles Hippies Ban Plastic Bags

    Congratulations, Los Angeles, you've just become the largest city in America to ban plastic shopping bags from supermarkets. And congratulations, Los Angelenos, you finally have a use for all those movie premiere swag bags lying around your closets.

    According to the LA Times, this initiative was "egged on by actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and an array of environmental groups," which sounds like the Commie-est group of eggers-on ever assembled (love you on Veep, though, Julia!).

    I kid, I kid. I don't want the manatees or whatever to die. But what I want to know is this: If Los Angeles is so concerned about harmful plastic, why is Heidi Montag still on the loose?

    Photo by Shana Novak/Digital Vision/Getty Images

    Tags: California, Environment, Los Angeles


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