• Obama's Support for Marriage Equality Barely Caused a Ripple

    They told us it would change everything. That it would carry with it destruction and chaos. They told us there would be nothing but tragedy in its wake.

    But now it seems as though support for gay marriage will have about as much political effect as gay marriage itself has on society. Which is to say, not much at all

    Two weeks after President Obama announced he supports gay marriage, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that his announcement — politically — looks to be a wash.

    In the poll, a combined 17 percent say it makes them "much more likely" or "somewhat more likely" they will vote for him. That's compared with a combined 20 percent who say the announcement will make them more likely to vote for Mitt Romney, who opposes gay marriage.

    Perhaps more importantly, 62 percent say the president's support for gay marriage doesn't make a difference in their vote — including 75 percent of independents, 76 percent of moderates, 81 percent of African Americans, and 65 percent of residents in the Midwest.

    Interesting! Of course, there's plenty of time between now and November for Western Civilization to come crashing down in a big gay avalanche of matrimonial carnage and life-partnering smithereens. And should that happen, it may shake the polls.

    Photo by David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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