• Barack Obama Leads in Three Important Swing States

    Looks like all of Barack Obama's standing around being an incumbent president efforts are paying off! According to some new poll numbers, he's leading in three big toss-up states

    NBC News/Marist surveys indicate Obama with identical 48%-44% advantages over Romney, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, among registered voters in Florida and Virginia. And the poll, released Thursday, indicates the president with a 48%-42% lead over Romney in Ohio.

    According to the poll, majorities of voters in all three states say the worst of the economic downturn is behind us, rather than to come. That optimism may be benefitting Obama. But 40% or less say the economy will improve over the next year…

    A combined 60 electoral votes are at stake in the three states.

    Well, there you go! It's all over, folks! Barack Obama will continue to be our president for another four years, and Mitt Romney will just have to content himself with ruling over a planet all his own after his death. (Which, actually, when you think about it, kind of makes this presidency thing seem like more trouble than its worth.) According to Real Clear Politics, Obama currently has a pretty safe 227 electoral votes, and these 60 would kick him over the 270 he needs to win.  This race is over! Thanks for following us on Indecision, and we look forward to following the Rubio/Biden match-up in 2016.

    Oh, wait a minute. Hold on. Don't go anywhere yet. I just read something somewhere that says that the election is still more than five months away and that literally millions upon millions of things could happen to sway these tiny little Obama leads into the opposite direction.

    So, uh, sorry. I suppose we'll all just have to keep paying attention.

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