• Donald Trump to Form World's Classiest Super PAC

    Donald Trump

    This guy. He's the punchline that keeps on punching

    "My super PAC ads would be focused on how outside places and outside things are absolutely sucking the blood out of this country…" [Trump explained.]

    Outside places and outside things. Interesting. Like jungle gyms?

    Naturally, I kid. Of course Donald Trump — who's taking a break from firing guys like Dennis Rodman and Tom Green from the cast of a reality TV show so he can say political things into microphones — knows what he's talking about. Why else would he ask to be the RNC's keynote speaker? It's not like he's only in it for the press, an egomaniacal child who courts all manner of publicity by offering to do stuff like wag his genitals around.


    Bad example. The point is, Trump is the perfect man to lead an anti-Obama super PAC. He's great at spending millions of dollars to besmirch people's names. Look at what he's done to his own.


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