• First Gay Kiss in a Presidential Campaign Ad [VIDEO]

    This definitely speaks to the changing of the times. It's not every campaign season that we get soft-core porn films that double as a presidential campaign ad…

    That's definitely a lot of mostly-naked oily people bouncing around for a presidential campaign ad. I'm not gonna say too much. I'm just gonna say more than we're used to. In fact, I think that Mitt Romney has yet to feature a single mostly-naked oily person bouncing around in one of his ads. But it's still early in the season, and Marco Rubio has not yet joined the ticket.

    But did you catch that moment there at the end? That thing that you thought you was two dudes kind of awkwardly taking direction from behind the camera to kiss one another, that was actually history of sorts. Fred Karger — gay Republican presidential candidate and friend of Indecisionexplains

    "This is our biggest and most exciting commercial to date," Karger said. "It ends with a gay kiss, a first for a Presidential campaign commercial. My friends Andrew Reynolds and Michael Aguirre have been together for 7 years and I really appreciate their history making smooch."

    You know, it's funny. Eventually, a thing like this won't even be a news item. In fact, I'll bet that our kids will one day watch the campaign ads from nowadays on the holoscreen displays that we've had genetically-installed to grow inside their eyeballs, and they'll ask, Where's all the mostly-naked oily people bouncing around? Where are the two dudes kissing each other after playing frisbee? And we'll just have to tell them that it was a different, less-enlightened time. (And that we had not yet transferred into an Ultimate Frisbee-based governing system.)

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