• Barack Obama Blows the Lid Off Mitt Romney's "Cowpie of Distortion"

    You know that old phrase "cowpie of distortion"? Man, when are politicians going to stop using that very common and not-just-made-up-at-all phrase? It's getting to be a cliché at this point. It's always "cowpie of distortion" this and "cowpie of distortion" that. It's getting even more overused than that other very common phrase "prairie fire of debt"

    President Barack Obama on Thursday blasted GOP hopeful Mitt Romney for offering a "cowpie of distortion" with his claim that a "prairie fire of debt" was consuming the nation.

    "You know, he left out some facts," Obama told a crowd of about 2,000 supporters in Iowa. "His speech was more like a cowpie of distortion."

    I can't speak with any certainty here, but I would be willing to bet money that the backstage conversation before this speech was pretty close to this…

    Obama: See? That's good, the way that Romney weaved the phrase "prairie fire of debt" into his speech, so that the people of Iowa could relate. Because they know prairie fires. I need something just as relatable. What else do they know here in Iowa?

    Aide #1: They have corn.

    Obama: A "corncob of distortion." No, that doesn't work. "Distorted like the way a kernel of corn is distorted when it pops."

    Aide #2: That's good.

    Obama: No, it's not. I'm over thinking this. What else do they have here.

    Aide #1: Tractors.

    Aide #2: Baseball.

    Obama: They don't have baseball. But tractors, though… "A big wheel of distortion." "Turning the wheel of distortion." "Reaping the fields of distortion." No.

    Aide #2: "Baseball of distortion."

    Obama: You're worthless.

    Aide #1: The have cows.

    Obama: Cows, eh?

    And the rest, as they say, is for the cowpies of history.

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