• Republicans Have a Problem with Bin Laden Raid Movie

    Osama bin LadenFor those of you keeping count, the official period between a unifying national triumph and the moment you can start shamelessly profiting from it is down to one year

    Adm. William McRaven, who oversaw the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, said Thursday that the filmmakers making a movie about the raid received no help from his staff.

    Wait, they're making a movie about the bin Laden mission? And they didn't ask for my input? I've been kicking potential titles around for months. Like Pakistan's Most Wanted, or 3:10 to Abbottabad, or Raiders of the Lost Dork. (That last one re-imagines bin Laden as the Steve Urkel of the jihadist movement.)

    The point is, Republicans aren't feeling this movie. In fact, they tend to hate all theatrical oversimplifications of foreign affairs that aren't 24. And I know what you're thinking: Republicans don't want a big screen reminder of President Obama's greatest success overseas. But there's more to it…

    House Homeland Security Chairman Pete King (R-N.Y.) said Wednesday the filmmakers had a "potentially dangerous collaboration" with the White House and Obama administration.

    Very dangerous! How was Obama to know that the filmmakers weren't disguised terrorists themselves? Hmm?

    Exactly. But when you get down to it, this whole thing might be blown out of proportion. The raid was actually pretty straightforward…

    "There was nothing, frankly, overly sensitive about the raid. We did 11 other raids much like that in Afghanistan that night," McRaven said, according to Reuters. "From a military standpoint, this was a standard raid and really not very sexy."

    That hurts — I haven't felt this way since learning Santa isn't real. Or that Obama is probably American after all.

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