• Ron Paul Revolution on Hold in Massachusetts

    Ron PaulFor dedicated free market enthusiasts, Ron Paul supporters are not very good at accepting the outcome of the political market when it rejects their product. And good for them! Though Paul has had limited appeal in the Republican primary, his supporters have nevertheless been racking up delegates in the hopes of influencing the GOP's platform at the Tampa convention.

    Recently, Paul supporters captured 22 of Nevada's 28 delegate slots and have taken control of the Minnesota delegation. But thanks to procedural shenanigans on the part of the Republican establishment in Massachusetts, the Revolution may not be television CSPAN 3 after all…

    A month after Mitt Romney's loyalists were trounced by supporters of Ron Paul in the former governor's home state caucuses, the Massachusetts Republican Party is trying to invalidate some ballots…

    To participate in the caucuses, voters had to be registered as Republicans before Feb. 15. Those whose names did not appear on registration lists were allowed to cast provisional ballots and told their votes would be counted if they were proven eligible and if the election was narrow enough to make a difference.

    But last week, the party's counsel began telling Republicans who were questioning the results that the provisional ballots would not be counted and that the rules had never allowed provisional ballots to be cast in the first place.

    Funny thing about the rules never allowing provisional votes: provisional ballots were printed, distributed and collected by the Massachusetts Republican Party, not random street vagrants. If they were never intended to be counted, why go through the trouble?

    Of course, whether or not Paul supporters are seated at the convention will have no effect on the final outcome. Many Paul delegates hail from states that will require them to cast ballots — at least on the first (and only) round — for Mitt Romney. Which means Paulites will be bound to a candidate who they don't really support.

    Just like everyone else at the convention. Maybe Ron Paul supporters are becoming real Republicans after all.

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