• Donald Trump Wants You to Know He Is Just as Silly as Ever

    Many people of prominence — particularly ones with pseudo-political aspirations — might feel compelled to temper the weirder, more out-there, conspiracy-theory-driven rhetoric once they've joined forces with one of the most powerful political forces in the the country. Especially on a day when they were scheduled to campaign alongside that political force.

    Luckily for all of us, Donald Trump is not most people

    "I never really changed — nothing’s changed my mind," Trump told CNBC, reassuring that his birtherism is as rock solid as it was last year when he briefly led Republican primary polling. "And by the way, you know, you have a huge group of people. I walk down the street and people are screaming, 'Please don’t give that up.' Look, a publisher came out last week and had a statement about Obama given to them by Obama when he was doing a book as a young man a number of years ago in the '90s: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia.'"…

    "I've been known as being a very smart guy for a long time," he said. "I don’t consider myself birther or not birther, but there are some major questions here that the press doesn’t want to cover. Now, if that were somebody else they'd be covering it and they'd be throwing people out of office, but they don’t want to cover it."

    You have to respect that level of commitment to shameless self-parody.

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