• Obama Ad Hits Mitt Romney for Donald Trump's Birtherism [VIDEO]

    If there was even a hint of a chance that anybody could get Donald Trump to do something other than what Donald Trump wants to do, then the world would have far fewer gold-dipped buildings. And Donald Trump would probably have a normal-looking head.

    My point being, if Donald Trump wants to do the Birther Clown Dance on national television every day and then go home at night and talk about what great friends he is with Mitt Romney, that's exactly what Donald Trump is going to do, and there's nothing Mitt Romney can do to stop it. He can either accept the endorsement as well as the endorsement — while distancing himself personally from the splattered stupidity — or he can repudiate Trump's remarks and risk losing the support of a reality TV star who, for inexplicable reasons, commands a decent amount of respect in conservative circles.

    The latter comes with not just a good deal more campaign contributions, but also Obama ads like this…

    Interestingly, this ad doubles as a Mitt Romney support ad among a certain voting bloc.

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