• Obama Secret Kill List Not So Secret Anymore

    Back in 2008, everyone agreed Obama was the candidate to save the economy. His Achille's Heel was military weakness, fighting terrorism. How could a liberal professor protect us from all the things that go boom in the night?

    Turns out killing terrorists is far easier than killing unemployment. Barack Obama has become so good at it, he even maintains a secret kill list

    It is the strangest of bureaucratic rituals: Every week or so, more than 100 members of the government’s sprawling national security apparatus gather, by secure video teleconference, to pore over terrorist suspects' biographies and recommend to the president who should be the next to die.

    This secret "nominations" process is an invention of the Obama administration, a grim debating society that vets the PowerPoint slides bearing the names, aliases and life stories of suspected members of Al Qaeda's branch in Yemen or its allies in Somalia's Shabab militia.

    It used to be an honor to be included in a secret list of the president's enemies. Big stars like Paul Newman and Howard Stein (who, I presume, is an even more Jewish Howard Stern) topped Nixon's list back in the 70's.

    Now, any old no-name terrorist can land on it without even causing a single international catastrophe.

    William M. Daley, Mr. Obama’s chief of staff in 2011, said the president and his advisers understood that they could not keep adding new names to a kill list, from ever lower on the Qaeda totem pole….

    "One guy gets knocked off, and the guy's driver, who's No. 21, becomes 20?" Mr. Daley said, describing the internal discussion.

    Drones are sent off. Casualties are purposefully undercounted. No American soldiers die. Who knew when it came to foreign policy, Obama would just be a competent Bush?

    Photo by Massoud Hossaini/AFP/Getty Images

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