• Only 38% of Michigan Voters Think the Trees Are the Right Height

    Mitt Romney loves so many things. He loves jokes and laughter. He loves cars — American cars. Most of all, he is a big fan of Michigan's trees, which "are the right height." But do Michigan voters agree with Romney's arboreal judgment?

    Much was made during the Michigan primary about Romney's comments about the state's trees being 'the right height.' That line seems to go over most voters' heads — only 38% express the sentiment that their trees are the right height while 8% think they are not and 55% are unsure. Democrats (48%) are actually more likely to express agreement with Romney on that front than Republicans are (34%).

    Public Policy Polling's crosstabs reveal an interesting ideological breakdown. Fifty-one percent of "very liberal" voters agree with Romney that the trees are the right height, as do 48% of self-described moderates, while only 27% of "very conservative" Michiganders share this sentiment. Presumably, the state's most conservative residents are upset that the trees have not yet been put into toward their God-intended use — as timber to be manufactured into rocking chairs and rifle stocks.

    Yet voters' overall reaction to the tree height controversy is a resounding "meh." Which is about as hearty an endorsement as Romney is going to receive in a state he's currently losing to Barack Obama 53-39%.

    Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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