• Sarah Palin Goes Vogue

    Just as with a flesh-eating bacterial infection, there doesn't seem to be any way to get rid of Sarah Palin. Especially now that she's hitched her political wagon to a series of lucky stars

    Palin has made a string of successful recent endorsements, including an against-the-grain nod to Nebraska Republican Senate hopeful Deb Fischer in a three-way primary where most other conservatives, including tea party leader Sen. Jim DeMint, backed another candidate. Rick Santorum, the last conservative non-Romney standing at the end of the primaries, endorsed there and in today’s Texas primary to no great effect.

    It's not surprising that Palin has more clout than Santorum, who was only the last man standing in the primaries because he starched his khakis too much. Going against the tea party leader, on the other hand, shows Palin has enough confidence in expressing herself to go over the borderline.

    Sarah Palin may be past her White House prime, but she's still able to justify her fan's love…

    In Madonna-like fashion, she is the master of "self-invention then self-reinsertion into the political churn," the operative said. "I wouldn’t underestimate that. I wouldn’t rule out her ability to find a new way to express it or a new vehicle or a new method …. she sort of craves the attention. I don’t completely write off her ability [to re-enter the fray]."

    Isn't "Self-Reinsertion into the Political Churn" the name of Madonna's latest album?

    This comparison has legs. Both Palin and Madonna have an idiotic way of speaking English. They also (may) have a fondness for basketball players. It doesn't end there. The reason both have endured for so long is because of their grass-roots appeal to a certain rabidly loyal segment of the population. In Madonna's case, it's the gay community. In Palin's case, it's Fox News viewers.

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