• One of a Kind Candidate: Tara Volesky, Mayor, Mitchell, SD

    Corn Palace

    Mitchell, South Dakota – home of the world's only Corn Palace – needs a new mayor. Current mayor Lou Sebert is stepping down because he'll soon be eighty. "I know there is eighty and there is eighty," Sebert told Indecision in an exclusive interview. (Yep, once in a while we actually talk to people instead of just excerpting the first local news article we find that doesn't have racist reader comments.)

    With Sebert's tenure coming to a close, Tara Volesky has joined the field of candidates running to replace him. Ms. Volesky wants to bring back Mitchell's once-proud polka festival, and she has four children – Turner, Tyler, Tucker and Taylor. Sorry, I've just got to jump back to Lou Sebert for just a second.

    Mr. Sebert responded to my questions via email, and I won't share the entire exchange because it's a private special thing between him and me, but here is how he signs off:

    I pray I gave you what you are looking for, if not ask someone else or try again.
    Mayor of Mitchell – home of the World’s Only Corn Palace.
    Lou Sebert – The best Mayor this city has.

    There should be an award for this.

    Back to the mayoral race. Volesky is also contemplating plans for the Corn Palace, the world's only corn palace that's not drawing crowds like it used to. Basically, the plans involve spending millions to renovate the palace and make it more awesome, or to leave it as-is and let it remain awesome. Volesky has a straightforward plan for urban-betterment-something-or-other-who-cares IT IS A GODDAMN CORN PALACE.

    Stop what you're doing right now (reading this post). Open a new tab, go to Google Maps and navigate to Mitchell, SD. Enter Street View. Scope out the palace, covered in corn and glory. Read the inscription on the front door: "America's Destinations." Now come back to this post and think about what you just saw. The Corn Palace is not a destination, it's our destinations. All of them. How is that tiny apartment of yours?

    Let's make the dream happen. Let's quit this rat race, get our friends move to the same small town, and make it home. Mitchell calls us. The Corn Palace calls us. It is bigger than you, it is bigger than me, it is bigger than Tara Volesky–even though she may wind up being its mayor. And if you don't believe me you can ask someone else, or try again.

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