• What Could Possibly Go Wrong in Florida's Voter Purge?

    As with most recent presidential elections, Florida's 29 electoral votes will be crucial to winning the White House. I see nothing that could undermine that state's historical commitment to clean, fair and uncontroversial democratic procedure

    Bill Internicola was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., 91 years ago and received a Bronze Star for fighting in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II, but according to the state of Florida he might not be a U.S. citizen. Internicola received a letter in May from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office stating that it had received "information from the State of Florida that you are not a United States citizen; however you are registered to vote."

    The letter was part of a controversial state-led effort to rid the voter rolls of noncitizens.

    Who cares that he was born in New York and served in the U.S. Army? The U.S. of what? It'd be one thing if he'd defended the United States of Amercia. Besides this guy's questionable loyalties to someplace called "America," is there anything else in his record that should imperil his right to vote in an important swing state?

    Broward voting records show that Internicola registered in 1991 and has been a frequent voter — including the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections — and in at least a couple of municipal elections. He is a lifelong Democrat.

    What, they still let Democrats vote in Florida? At least Governor Rick Scott is on it, as his Division of Elections has created a ineligible voter list "dominated by Democrats, independents and Hispanics."

    For those who wonder how such a poorly designed voter purge can take place in a battleground state just months prior to a presidential election, the answer lies in simple economics. For years, we've been exporting democracy all over the world, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya. Some foreign policy hawks would like us to export democracy to Syria, good and hard. Unfortunately, give all that democratic goodness away has led to a supply problem — we're running a shortage of it at home.

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