• Dept. of Justice Politely Asks Florida to Stop Purging Voters

    Being the governor of a major swing state carries with it a lot of responsibilities. You have to make some hard decisions. Like, what's more important: complying with a fistful of federal voting regulations, or getting rid of a few thousand brown-skinned voters before a big election? I don't know!

    I'm really glad I'm not in Florida Gov. Rick Scott's position

    The Justice Department has asked Gov. Rick Scott’s administration to stop a controversial voter purge effort, saying it appears to violate federal law…

    In yesterday’s letter, T. Christian Herren, chief of the DOJ’s voting section, said the scrub appeared to violate at least two federal laws. Five counties in Florida require federal approval before any voting or election changes are made, but [Secretary of State Ken] Detzner did not ask the DOJ or a federal court to sign off on the purge before he initiated it.

    And federal voting laws prohibit any major voter scrub 90 days before an election. That deadline was May 16 for Florida’s Aug. 14 primary.

    Gov. Rick Scott — who has said that "the Secretary of State’s office is doing the right thing" (which, by certain ideologies is almost certainly true) and, despite all available evidence is, "absolutely not" deliberately purging minorities — is on the fence about whether or not to comply with the DOJ's request…

    Asked if he was planning to heed the Department of Justice’s request that the state abandon its voter-cleansing program, Scott said that the Secretary of State is still reviewing the matter.

    "The Secretary of State's office is going to review what the Department of Justice has said," he said. "And then we're going to make a decision."

    I'm confident that will look deep into his heart and determine whether or not he can get away with this before coming to a reasoned decision.

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