• John Edwards Relieved to Learn Smarminess Isn't a Crime

    If nothing else, John Edwards is certainly guilty of Douchebaggery in the First Degree. Unfortunately for prosecutors, that's not a recognized charge in the United States federal justice system. Maybe they should have tried him in the other America he kept going on about…

    Former presidential candidate John Edwards was found not guilty on one charge and a jury was unable to decide on five other counts alleging he used illegal campaign contributions to hide an extramarital affair.

    A federal jury of four women and eight men in Greensboro, North Carolina, yesterday found Edwards not guilty of one count of violating campaign finance laws. On that charge, the government alleged that in January 2008, about the same time he withdrew from the campaign, Edwards knowingly accepted more money from campaign donor Rachel "Bunny" Mellon than was allowed by law.

    U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles declared a mistrial on the five other counts. The Justice Department isn't likely to retry Edwards, said a person familiar with the matter who wasn't authorized to discuss the case publicly and didn't want to be identified.

    Sadly for Edwards, any kind of personal redemption he'll reap from this mistrial is unlikely to include a political comeback. But on the bright side, he'll be able to trot out  a whole series of new pick up lines, "This jury isn't the only thing that's hung, am I right ladies?"

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