• Strip Clubs Gear Up for Republican National Convention

    When the Republican National Convention arrives in Tampa with elected officials, party operatives and lobbyists in tow, the city will be overrun with individuals of loose morals, who think nothing of prostituting their services for what are euphemistically called "contributions."

    There will also be sex workers.

    And while the illicit sectors of the sex trade are preparing for the festivities with updated Craigslist profiles and surveying expeditions into airport bathroom stalls, the legal end of the market is also ramping up its marketing efforts. A number of strip clubs are hiring Club Cam Systems to increase their establishments' online presence, via chats and private cam striptease shows, in the hopes of attracting in-person visits in August

    Their goal: drum up thousands of dollars online while giving some of the estimated 50,000 GOP convention visitors a taste of the adult entertainment awaiting them when they arrive.

    "For the RNC, people need places to go. We're trying to create the awareness for people who come to Tampa that Tampa has a lot of things to do," said Russ Bruno, an owner of Club Cam Systems.

    It's a true "hub and spoke" model of social media marketing that's being synchronized just in time for arriving delegates, politicians, lobbyists and other tourists. Like other businesses pitching for convention visitors, the clubs are updating their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to drive traffic to their websites, which drives foot traffic to the clubs.

    Not lost amid the marketing hubbub is the reality that the gender gap will play a critical role in the November elections. The latest Gallup poll shows Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 50 to 42% among women, even as the race remains a dead heat overall, but now that Republicans have an opportunity to literally throw money at single moms, instead of financing social programs… who knows how much worse they'll do?

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