• Election Roundup: Jungle Primary and Kosher Sex Edition

    Though the main news from last night is that our long national nightmare of being confused by the #wirecall hashtag on Twitter is finally over, there was other primary news to digest. Here's what you missed:

    Redistricting left two incumbent Democrats competing for the nomination in New Jersey's 9th Congressional district, in a race that served as a proxy battle between House Clinton and House Obama — a cosplay of the least titillating episode of the Game of Thrones ever. Bill Clinton cast his favor upon Bill Pascrell while Barack Obama signaled, in the most tepid manner possible, that he supported Steve Rothman. Pascrell emerged the winner and will now face celebrity sex therapist Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a former spiritual adviser to the late Michael Jackson.

    Under California's new jungle primary system, the top two choices will compete in the general election regardless of party affiliation. In the California 31st, a district considered by many to be a battleground in November, there were will be no Democrat competing in the general election, as a split liberal vote delivered the top two spots to Republicans. Perhaps good government progressives should have heeded the advice of Axl Rose in his exegesis on election law, Welcome to the Jungle. (I'm not the only one who reads that song this way, right?) "You gonna die," indeed.

    Also in California, the race described as "Two Jews, One Congressional Seat," will continue into the general election as Democratic congressmen Brad Sherman and Howard Berman took first and second place, respectively, in their primary. In fact, the situation in their newly drawn Los Angeles based district is reminiscent of the conflict in the middle east. Two groups with strong historical claims on the same soil, foisted together by the line drawing mandate of outside powers. Except in L.A., both sides get to vote on self-determination.

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