• Mike Huckabee Criticizes Other Networks for Being Fox News-esque

    If there's one thing that Mike Huckabee cannot abide, it's a supposed news outlet with an agenda. Thank god we have Fox News around to offer an opposing agenda to the agendas of all the other agenda-having networks

    The former governor criticized Fox News' competitors: "If people only watch the three big networks and BS-NBC, as I like to call them — MSNBC — if they watch BS-NBC and the three networks, then I think sometimes we may be kidding ourselves because a lot of people will assume that Obama really is just doing a great job and he just can't get those crazy Republicans to help him out."

    Ha! BS-NBC! Classic.

    Huckabee suggested his network and conservative talk radio act as counterweights to that positive coverage of the president: "I think a lot of people, if all they do is listen to conservative talk radio and maybe watch Fox News, they assume that all of America is getting what I would call at least a balanced approach to understanding that there are a lot of real problems going on that Obama could do better on."

    I gather that that means… something? I haven't quite¬†worked out what, but I'm sure it's cogent.

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