• Jeb Bush May Have Missed His Chance to Be President

    Jeb BushIt happens to all of us. You put it off and put it off, telling yourself that you'll do it tomorrow because today you need to buy stamps. But tomorrow turns into today, and today you remember that you can't do anything until to clean those boxes out of the garage.

    And then, one day, you wake up with grey hair and a pot belly, and you realize that you never did get around to becoming President of the United States

    "[2012] was probably my time," Bush told "CBS This Morning," referring to the ongoing presidential campaign. "There's a window of opportunity, in life, and for all sorts of reasons.”

    Bush also wondered whether he would have fared well in today's Republican Party.

    "Although I don't know, given what I believe and how I believe it, I'm not sure I would have been successful as a candidate, either. These are different times than just six years ago, when I last ran, or even longer than that," he said.

    I don't know. That sounds like a rationalization to me. I have full confidence that Jeb — a well-respected accomplished member of the Bush dynasty — would have been equal to the task of convincing today's Republican Party that he was presidential material, had he given it a shot.

    And you know what? I mostly meant that as a compliment.

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